About The Brand


Our mission at Untakeable is to create a community and platform for persons who have big dreams.... crazy even. Persons who are creative, ambitious, dreamers, leaders, and nonconformist.  

Through our clothing and apparel we want to give persons a symbol of hope that no dream is too big, in spite of where you may come from or where you are at right now, through God you can do anything put your mind to. 

Here at Untakeable we provide unique, colorful, and branded fashion for all of those who resonate with the core values of our brand.

Wearing any Untakeable merch improves self-image and social status by showing that you are a part of a community and culture of persons that are chasing after what they want in life fearlessly and ferociously because life is too short not to.

Made in The Bahamas.

Let us be the first to welcome you to the Untakeable lifestyle.